Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 2: H2O

So today's topic is you can already see from the topic line.  Anyhow, today I went to work and somehow I had a water bottle with me so I kept drinking it because I was super tired and bored at work.  So you know what that means...I had to pee like crazy!  Well, you may ask why I had a water bottle? That was because we had a visitor today and she was always drinking water and gave me a bottle and so I kept drinking too.  Then she told me she usually drinks water all morning till her urine turn light yellow or clear...I was like wtf, who does that.  Then it came to me that when I watch a documentary earlier this year the guy in the movie said the first this he does every morning right when he wakes up...even before brushing his teeth is drink a full glass of WATER!  I think he said some thing along the line that over night our body uses the water we consume and we need to replenish it and also to cleanse our system in the morning before we consume any other food.  Now, that my friends is what I really need to do, to drink a glass a water before anything in the morning just to jump start my cleansing.  So I goggled up some benefits for drinking water and here it is:

One of the benefits I never get from drinking water is to have healthy skin.  No matter how much water I drink I don't see any improvements in my skin, whether it be complexion, texture or it being moisturizing.  Maybe my skin doesn't take in water that easily???  Well we all know that water is good for you and it helps clean and regulate our bodies so I suggest you drink plenty!!!

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